Sand Spike Project

Keep your drink out of the sand. This spike was designed as a quick product development project to learn the ins and outs of bootstrapping a simple product. As the project unfolded, it took on a life of its own. Spikes have been shipped all across the country, with seasonal sales increasing year over year. These sand spikes are created from color anodized aircraft grade aluminum and built to last a lifetime. They are the only spikes with an integrated drink holder.

Our last sand spike was sold during Christmas season, 2017. The project was a fantastic experiment in bringing a low debt product to the market in record time! 


PVC sand spikes offer a hands-free way to hold a fishing rod for surfcasters who fish multiple rods at a time. However, PVC is non-recyclable and susceptible to UV degradation — these spikes often survive for less than a season. Most casual surf fishermen often couple fishing and beer, and nearly all humans hate being covered in sticky sand — a common phenomenon when pulling a wet, frosty can out of the sand. There is an opportunity for a sand spike, made of long-lasting and recyclable components that provides a drink holder to keep a beer out of the sand.


The Beercaster Sand Spike eliminates the problem of getting sand on your hands by coupling a drink holder with a sand spike.

Created from aircraft grade aluminum and available in six anodized colors, these spikes offer a fun, corrosion-resistant finish that will deliver years of reliable service and provide a sustainable, high value alternative to disposable sand spikes.

I hate sand.
— Jeff Barnett, Surf Fisherman

This was a quick development project through which to learn firsthand the challenges of bootstrapping a simple product. The process taught me a lot about low input prodcut development, including how to design and develop a low volume product with little or no tooling cost, sourcing that product internationally, web development, Amazon & internet sales, inventory management and customer service. 

I designed this device to solve a simple problem for a specific target market — keeping sand out of fishing gear for casual surf fishermen who drink while fishing from the beach. Because this project was educational, I created a product that required minimal tooling and cost to get to market quickly and without debt. The device is currently for sale on amazon and at